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There are more than 70 career pathways in the construction industry – and all of them can be accessed via Hutchies. We are regularly looking for talented individuals to come and join the Hutchies family, from trainees and apprentices, through to team leaders and managers.

When you join the Hutchies fold, you get the advantage of all the great things that come with a tight-knit team culture, together with the training, support and career opportunities that only a large organisation can offer. The development possibilities at Hutchies are virtually endless. We celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and innovation and we’re committed to empowerment and autonomy for our people. If you’ve got the drive, we’ll take you places.

If you have the passion to achieve success, always challenging yourself to push harder and do better; if you lead from the front and are not afraid to make courageous decisions; if you believe in blazing new trails through innovation and ingenuity; Hutchies will give you the opportunities you’re seeking, to stretch yourself and achieve your goals. Over 105 years, we’ve created many structures – and built innumerable careers.

If working in construction is more than just a job to you, come and join us. Build a career with Hutchies. Send your details to careers@hutchinsonbuilders.com.au.

Indigenous Careers

We’re proud to be building Indigenous careers in the construction industry through our Statim-Yaga employment and training program in partnership with the Australian Federal Government. Hutchies is strongly aligned with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, communities, businesses and individuals. Our commitment to building relationships on the basis of hard-earned trust and respect is a big part of everything we do.



Indigenous employment target by 2019



Indigenous careers created already

A few of our company members

LiamO'Connor_Profile (1) BW (LowRes).jpg

Liam O'Connor


AnnaTaylor_Profile (1) (LowRes) (LowRes).jpg

Anna Taylor

Contracts Manager

DavidBalson_Profile (1) (LowRes).jpg

Dave Balson

Cost Planner

AlexLee_Profile (4) (LowRes).jpg

Alex Lee

Contract Administrator

BenMcArthur_Profile (2).jpg

Ben Mcarthur

Team Leader

TrevorBruiners_Profile (1).jpg

Trevor Bruiners

Cost Planner

JakeAnderson_Profile (2) (LowRes).jpg

Jake Anderson

Site Worker

I’ve been around the construction industry all my life. I guess it’s in my blood. I started working with small building company when I left high school. The company was run by two brothers and they needed a young bloke to teach and pass on their knowledge. I’ve come a long way from that young bloke that swung a hammer some 22 years ago and it’s my turn to mentor the next generation of builders. There’s something special and unique about the building industry. We invest so much time in our projects that our buildings definitely become a part of us. It’s a pretty special feeling when you’re driving around with my wife and kids and they recognise the building I’ve built. Seeing the pride in their eyes just adds to why I joined the building industry.

Jayson Barnaby

Team Leader



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Target for Indigenous workforce by 2019






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Our Culture

Hutchify it!

There’s no doubt that the Hutchies culture is unique. The company has now been led by four generations of the Hutchinson family and even though we’re much bigger than a ‘Mum and Dad’ business, we’ve held on to the family values that make us who we are. We’re all about relationships; taking care of each other; and working towards a common goal. We’re passionate about staying connected with our communities, giving back, and doing the right thing.

We work hard and we play hard. We celebrate our successes and embrace the good things in life. Around the country, we hold more than 100 social events for our staff each year and make sure that achievements do not go unrecognised. 

When I first started at Hutchies I remember thinking this working environment is too good to be true; there is a friendly and positive vibe, fun-hearted banter, people are only too happy to help each other out and there is an abundance of resources at your fingertips. This is also reflected in the social events put on throughout the year; a great way to relax, let your hair down and enjoy a day out with work colleagues and their partners in an environment outside of work.

Lias Panayi

Site Manager



Pinball machines around the company



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Get Mad Skills

Our mission is to find the right person, and provide them with the right training to set them on the ultimate career trajectory. Hutchies’ very own award winning training division, GCSC, has completed more than 15,000 inductions and delivers hands-on, enterprise-based learning experiences that will equip you with the most up-to-date information on equipment, policies and the latest construction techniques. Our hands-on leadership development program makes it possible to move through your entire career with us – from apprentice to team leader.

Hutchies and GCSC were awarded the 2017 Large Employer of the Year by the Australian Training Awards, the second time we've picked up this accolade. 



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