This is Hutchies

Hutchies has been building the structures in which Australians live, work, study, shop and relax since 1912. From our early Brisbane beginnings, we have grown into a dynamic and diverse construction company, delivering sophisticated projects across a comprehensive portfolio. 

As Australia's largest privately owned construction company, our business capability and complexity is well beyond that of a ‘Mum and Dad’ builder, but our core values remain very much embedded in the idea of investing in relationships, taking care of each other and the community, and working towards a common goal. We pride ourselves on working with you as a true construction partner.

We are a ‘safe pair of hands’ who will guide you through the construction process, navigating complex building codes and regulations, while remaining open and transparent. Hutchies has an industry reputation for decency and fair play - these characteristics combined with our demonstrated building capability and $300M+ strong balance sheet, underpin our company’s performance. 

We have a national presence that stretches from Darwin to Hobart and Cairns to the Pilbara in the West. Our philosophy is to follow our clients' needs, building not just in big cities but also in the most remote regions of Australia. 

Longevity. Family values. Knowledge. Skill. And national reach. This is Hutchies.






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The Building Blocks

Our building blocks are the core of what Hutchies offers. They are the foundation of our success. 

Our construction solutions cover the whole spectrum of size and scope. Our average project value is around $22M, but no job is too big or too small for Hutchies. And we work across lots of sectors, including: commercial and residential high-rise, health, education, retail, and aged care – just to name a few.

With teams around Australia, we always source suppliers and products that are local to our projects whenever possible. Our regional teams have the specialised local knowledge that is the difference between just putting together ‘bricks and sticks’. 

We care about keeping the smallest possible environmental footprint. Hutchies always chooses the most sustainable option available when making business decisions and we encourage our subbies and suppliers to do the same when they are working with us. 

Hutchies understands that high quality doesn’t have to mean high cost. Right from the get-go, we work with our clients to make sure they are getting the best possible value, ensuring buildability without compromising quality or design. 

Services & Capabilities

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Civil Works
Cranes and Hoists
Cost Planning
Design & Construct
Quality Assurance
Facilities Maintenance
Green Star
Early Contractor Involvement
Training & Workforce Development


Average project size


13 mths

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Repeat clients


16 yrs

Average time people stay at Hutchies

Our aim is to be recognised as the best builders in the industry.

Greg Quinn

Managing Director

The Advantage

We're not like other builders. Relationships are everything to us – whether it’s with our people, our clients, or the local communities in which we live and work. 

Our clients come back to us time after time. They tell us it’s because they know where they stand with Hutchies – everything is up-front and transparent. It’s the same attitude that keeps our people with us long term, too. Trust, respect, and a genuine spirit of everyone pitching in together means that our people stick around – on average for 16 years or more! 

Our solid performance makes us stand out, too. Our strong balance sheet and cash position give people the confidence that we’ll be around for the long haul.

We are Green Stars. We have delivered more than $1.3B of Green Star rated buildings. One in every 12 Green Star Rated buildings in Australia has been built by us. In fact, no other builder has completed more Green Star projects than us. 

We also have our own equipment – that’s kind of unusual for a builder. We own and maintain our own machinery, which means it’s available on demand; we can offer less expensive prices, and we know it works and is safe.    


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Plant, vehicles & equipment


The Backbone

The backbone of Hutchies is our unique structure. It’s our framework; our nerve centre. We bet you’ve never seen an org chart like ours before. This is what sets us apart. It’s rare for a business to offer ready access to senior leaders the way that Hutchies does and it’s our flat structure that makes it easy for anyone to talk to the most senior people in our organisation. Our structure reflects our culture: inclusive and accessible. 

Each of our 25+ business units operates autonomously, with each Team Leader reporting directly to our Managing Director. We reckon this is what keeps our business personal, accountable and nimble. With so many independent business units, it also means there are terrific career opportunities in Hutchies. Some of Hutchies' Veterans have been with us since their apprenticeship days.

I believe the strongest measure of a company’s culture is the longevity of its employees. Hutchinson Builders is currently holding more than $25M of long service leave and employee entitlements – a compelling indication of the average tenure of our people. The fact that so many people have made their career here at Hutchies is our proudest achievement.

Scott Hutchinson


A few of our company members

KurtBruggestrass_Portrait (1) BW (LowRes).jpg

Kurt Bruggestrass



Tabi Ward

Company Services Manager

EddieGangemi_Portrait (2) (LowRes).jpg

Eddie Gangemi

Team Leader

DeanMustard_Profile (1) (LowRes) (LowRes).jpg

Dean Mustard

Site Manager

NathanKairouz_Profile (1) BW (LowRes).jpg

Nathan Kairouz

Project Manager

JohnBerlese_Profile (1) (LowRes).jpg

John Berlese

Team Leader

JonathanBraithwaite_Profile (1) (LowRes) (LowRes).jpg

Jonathon Braithwaite

Construction Worker


Russell Fryer



Searle Balladone

Team Leader

KimCross_Profile (1) (LowRes) (LowRes).jpg

Kim Cross

Senior Estimator

MichelElsharoony_Portrait (2) BW (LowRes).jpg

Michel Elsharoony

Design Manager

SeanNyssen_Profile (2) BW (LowRes).jpg

Sean Nyssen

Team Leader

SamElias_Portrait (1) BW (LowRes).jpg

Sam Elias

Design Manager

MylesDiehm_Portrait (1) BW (LowRes).jpg

Myles Diehm

Senior Project Engineer

The Life Story

Since 1912, when John (Jack) Hutchinson I and his young family immigrated to Australia from Lancashire, Hutchies has continued to grow and develop into the iconic national brand we are today. Our current Chairman, Scott Hutchinson, is now the fourth generation Hutchinson to preside over the business — he took over from his father Jack when he retired. Scott’s son, Jack Jnr, is now working in the business too. Over 105 years, we’ve been involved in some pretty amazing construction projects and created quite a bit of history. 



Year established






Trips to Burning Man


It has been 105 years since Jack Hutchinson I set foot on Australian soil and undertook the first known Hutchies project.


Our success is underpinned by a multi-generational traditional family business that has taken us more than a century to build.


The company continues to thrive under the leadership of fourth generation Scott Hutchinson, who will hand over to his son Jack Jnr in years to come.

The Heart

Hutchies is all heart. There’s something about our culture that sets us aside from other large businesses. It's not easy to describe yet is so easily understood. We work hard to pull together to get the best results for our clients – no matter what we’re up against. We celebrate our achievements together, support local communities, and believe in a ‘fair go’ for everyone. We were born as a family business, and we’ve held on to the same core values for over a century; taking care of each other, our clients and the community; and working towards a common goal. We’re passionate about staying connected with our communities, giving back, and doing the right thing.



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"From a young age I was destined to build in some way, shape or form. I was a bit of a Lego nut as a kid and won numerous building competitions. I read an article in a magazine about Lego designers in Denmark and from that moment wanted to be a Lego designer. Fast forward 10 years and the obsession had turned to architecture..." #humansofhutchies Luke Churchin, Design Manager (photography by @willsteelephotography)




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“The most challenging thing in this industry would be trying to create that good work life family balance. We obviously do big hours in the industry, we’ve got deadlines to meet and sometimes that means we have to work longer hours to meet those deadlines, but we also have to go home to our families and have family life as well...” #humansofhutchies Joey Cassin, Site Manager




A few snaps of our tour group from Friday at @howardsmithwharves ... this site is going to be an amazing riverside precinct for Brisbane once it is complete! Check out more about it on our website here:




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“Before construction, I was in the stunt industry just a little longer than 20 years. For more than 10 years I was Val Kilmer’s stunt double. Specialising in fight scenes, I’ve worked with Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, and Johnny Depp working on Pirates of the Caribbean… the list goes on...” #humansofhutchies Ron Vreeken, Site Manager (photography by @willsteelephotography)

John Groom.jpg



“I grew up in Penguin, Tasmania as a child on a rural property, about 130km west of Launceston. I was the youngest of a large family; my siblings were all older. I lived on the farm with my father who split with my mother before I could remember. He was a disabled paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair until he passed away when I was 13. We had chickens, horses, cattle, pigs and various other live stock..." #humansofhutchies John Groom, National Quality Manager (photography by @willsteelephotography)

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