There is something unique about Hutchies' culture. It's not easy to describe, but it's so easy to see and feel.

We were born as a family business, and we’ve held on to the core values of forming long-term connections, taking care of each other and the community, and working towards a common goal. We’re passionate about staying integrated with our communities, giving back, and doing the right thing.

We work hard and celebrate our successes, but we don't lose sight of being good citizens of society — respecting each other always.

The story of Hutchies has great appeal to all of us as a community and as individuals. There is something real, genuine and inspiring about it 5 generations across each one authentic, purposeful leadership with a clear vision a shared ethos firmly grounded in integrity, diligence and service. A culture where relationships are key, where people matter, where people take care of each other, pulling together hugely critical in this rigorous competitive industry construction. Where that Australian thing we call “a fair go” is solid, understood and agreed.


#The Hutchies Way

Hutchinson Builders is a business based on people and relationships. We’ve never been a conventional construction business — and this continues to be a differentiator for us.

Our culture is unique. Our achievements are the products of integrity, lifelong relationships, and a whole lot of heart — characteristics rarely seen in modern business. Our success has grown from our distinctive organisational structure, and the enduring partnerships we have nurtured with suppliers, sub-contractors and clients. Our structure plays a large role in what sets us apart. It’s our backbone; our framework; our nerve centre. Ready access to business leaders is rare in large organisations, and yet our flat structure makes it easy for anyone to talk to the most senior people in Hutchies. Our structure reflects our culture: inclusive and accessible. In fact, it’s our golden rule – anyone at Hutchies can call anyone at any time about anything.

Scott Hutchinson

Scott Hutchinson

Chairman / Joined Hutchies 1986

"​I believe the strongest measure of a company’s culture is the longevity of its employees. Hutchinson Builders is currently holding more than $20M of long service leave and employee entitlements – a compelling indication of the average tenure of our people. The fact that so many people have made their career here at Hutchies is our proudest achievement. I believe that work is about more than how you earn an income. Given that we’ll spend around 100,000 hours of our lives working, I think it’s imperative that work is more than a means to an end. People should be encouraged to follow a path they find rewarding and challenging in a happy, fair and supportive workplace. It’s an employer’s job to create this kind of workplace, and if the company gets this right, then the people will stay. Hutchies nurtures an environment that supports professional development, champions innovation and endorses a range of social events. We are all about people. It’s the human side of our business that has made us great so far. The relationships; the dedication; the loyalty. We are immensely proud of the entitlements we currently hold. They are a demonstration of the degree to which we have got the balance right for people to stay and continue to build on our success."

Russell Fryer

Russell Fryer

Managing Director / Joined Hutchies 1998

"Hutchies is and always will be a proud family-owned and operated business. We’re extremely proud of our heritage as an established and trusted builder of choice for thousands of clients throughout Australia. Our people are empowered by our flat and autonomous structure with ownership, support and accountability to achieve great things. Hutchies’ diverse workforce, exciting projects, geographical locations, and stable financial position makes us a reliable builder across all industry segments and in tough market conditions. Our aim is to deliver high quality solution based services to our clients by developing our people to be industry leaders. We invest in education, innovation, and experience, and our individual construction teams are supported by some of the best professionals across several specialist in-house disciplines. As a registered training organisation (RTO), we have a culture of continuous learning and improvement, providing opportunities for experience across a wide range of projects and sectors. With teams operating from Cairns to Hobart, Hutchies is a place where you can grow and call home."

#Respect & Inclusion

Hutchies is committed to continuing to build a diverse and representative employee base. We believe it makes good commercial sense to develop a workforce as multi-faceted as the communities in which we live and work. We have dedicated ourselves to building – and continue to nurture – open, honest, fair and collaborative relationships with all stakeholders in the workplace.

Indigenous careers in construction

Our award-winning Statim Yaga (start work) initiative has trained and employed hundreds of Indigenous people across the construction industry. We work with all levels of government across Australia, and our subcontractor and supplier networks to create genuine opportunities that improve employment parity. Our in-house Social Responsibility Team has become known as the go to specialists in this space, with their connections to country, respect...

Increasing female participation



We've also been proud long term partners of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) — striving to continue improving the construction industry through the advancement of women.

Award winning learning



Hutchies believes in investing in people. Our mission is to find the right person, and provide them with the right training to set them on the ultimate career trajectory. Our very own award winning training division, Hutchies Training, has a completion rate of 90% (well above the industry average) and delivers hands-on, enterprise-based learning experiences that will equip you with the most up-to-date information on equipment, policies and the...


We celebrate our people through a range of long recognised awards programs each year.

Constructor of the Year


Estimator of the Year


Design Manager of the Year


Hutchies Training Awards



A lot of people have built long and successful careers at Hutchies which we like to recognise. At our breakup day each year, we award our Hutchies Veterans with special gifts to mark these impressive milestone achievements.

5 Years

5 Years

A custom fishing rod and reel with the recipient's name engraved and a blue Hutchies Veteran 5 year lapel pin.

10 Years

10 Years

A custom made leather jacket or bag, a magnum of champagne and a bronze 10 year Hutchies Veteran lapel pin.

15 Years

15 Years

A brand new award following a suggestion to Scott Hutchinson. Keep an eye out for what the prize will be later in 2023 at breakup day.

20 Years

20 Years

A travel voucher and our silver 20 years Hutchies Veteran lapel pin.

25 Years

25 Years

A pinball machine (or something else special) from Scott Hutchinson.

30 Years

30 Years

Something even more special from Scott and Jack, along with our shining diamond and gold Hutchies Veteran lapel pin.