Global exchange program a chance to see the world and maintain career path




7 February 2024




Congratulations to Oliver Macklin, Contract Administrator in Jamie Washington's Team, who is the winner of Hutchies' inaugural Global Building Exchange Program (GBEP).

This exciting initiative is a partnership with the Wates Group in the United Kingdom and provides a unique opportunity for young construction professionals to travel the world and gain experience working with different builders, on different projects and in different regions.

The GBEP evolved from a conversation between Wates’ directors and Jack Hutchinson Jnr who worked with the Wates Group in the UK while attending the London Business School.

Discussions are underway to include a Canada-based construction company in the program to create a three-way exchange.

Jack Jnr said the GBEP was designed to foster the professional development of people by providing them with the opportunity to immerse themselves in alternative construction markets.

“Giving young people the opportunity to experience another part of the world, another company and another construction industry, while maintaining career momentum within the same organisation, should help attract the best quality graduates,” said Jack.

Every year we lose a few quality young individuals as they embark on travel.


“While this is completely understandable, and they often come back in the end, I see this exchange filling the desire they have to see the world while maintaining their career path.

“Hutchies also would benefit from the experience they receive from the exchange.”

Under the program, two individuals from opposite sides of the world will swap companies for three months.

Initially, the pilot program will be open to cadets/junior contract administrators who have been employed by the company for a minimum of twenty-four months at the time of the exchange.

It is a unique opportunity for Hutchies’ people who have completed their formal studies within the last four years and who are working in a cadet/contract administration role.

Established in 1897, the Wates Group is a fourth-generation, family-owned business and is one of the leading privately owned construction, residential development and property services businesses in the UK.

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