Hutchies goes troppo in Cairns




11 August 2017


There’s always fun in store when you hold a big party in the tropics, and our 105th birthday celebration in Cairns did not disappoint. Subbies and suppliers came from far and wide to soak in the atmosphere at the new Museum, which was recently completed by Hutchies’ Cairns team. The venue had only been opened a week prior to the party, and impressed party-goers, as they took advantage of the beautiful Cairns weather on the sprawling deck.

The Cairns team was pleased to welcome a strong Brisbane contingent to the party. It was the first time in five years that the entire Hutchies Board of Directors had been able to get together in Cairns, and they were joined by fellow Brisbanites Paul David, Penny Hoolihan and Harry White. It was also an honour to have Len and Karen White present, who were long serving Hutchies employees, before retiring a few years ago. Len was a much-valued mentor to Cairns Team Leader Paul De Jong.

Guests received a gift of famous Hutchies Honey Bees’ honey, which had been slowly accumulating in the Cairns office over the last five years in anticipation of this night. Paul De Jong has a 20-litre drum earmarked to fill for the 110th birthday in 2022.

As he reflected on the longevity of our business in Cairns, and the team whose ongoing loyalty continues to build our success, Paul De Jong also expressed his gratitude to the subbies and suppliers who continue to support Hutchies through their dependability and quality work.

We were also hugely grateful and somewhat humbled by the kind words and generosity of special guest speaker, Cairns’ Mayor Bob Manning. His praise and support of our work in Cairns means a great deal.