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Michael Michell


Guymer Bailey

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Callahan & Toth

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Blakeney Munns

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Umow Lai

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Callaghan & Toth




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We’re pretty chuffed about the success of the multi-award winning Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve redevelopment. Sitting within the 55-hectare Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, the project involved the demolition of ageing infrastructure and the construction of a brand new facility incorporating café, discovery centre, meeting theatrette, research room, gift shop and volunteer and staff office amenities. 

The design incorporates basalt stone cladding procured from the local glasshouse mountains quarry, extensive spotted gum timber cladding and a new elevated boardwalk which meanders through the protected rainforest reserve. We used recycled timber members from the old demolished buildings in the new centre. 

The new facility features an expansive viewing platform overlooking the glasshouse mountains, which is complemented by widespread use of glazing, to maximise the view throughout the centre. Windows have been treated with a bird strike film to protect the local fauna. 

The centre was recognised for its innovative design at the 2017 Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia, Queensland (IPWEAQ) Excellence Awards, where Division 5 Councillor Jenny McKay acknowledged Hutchies for our ability to overcome a myriad of building challenges on the environmentally sensitive site. We are incredibly proud of the accolades this project has received, including:

2018 AIA QLD State Awards Sustainable Architecture Harry Marks Award

2018 AIA QLD State Awards Public Architecture State Commendation

2017 QMBA Awards Queensland Tourism & Leisure Facilities up to $10M

2017 QMBA Awards Sunshine Coast Tourism & Leisure Facilities up to $10M 

2017 QMBA Awards Sunshine Coast Excellence in Energy Efficiency & Environmental Management

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Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

Sporting, Parks & Recreation

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