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Cross Laminated Timber


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QFES Maryborough is Australia's first ever fire station to be built out of CLT (cross laminated timber), and Hutchies' second CLT project after our success with the UTAS Inveresk Student Accommodation project. Our team worked extremely closely with our project partners, Hyne Timber, XLam, Baber Architects, Bligh Tanner & The University of Queensland to bring this vision to life over a number of years.

The project is an upgrade to the Maryborough Fire Station, integrating the existing art deco brick structure with an extension added on both the Alice and Lennox Street fronts. The new facility houses the regional outpost for QFES as well, providing a new engine garage for a number of service vehicles. The design of the new buildings features large timber structures with extensive use of exposed CLT and glulam timber (GLT).

CLT is large-scale, prefabricated, solid engineered wood panels that are typically used for prefabricated structural applications. Using this solution for construction is not only better for the environment, but hosts a variety of other benefits, including fire resistance, seismic durability and its lightweight nature.

From a sustainability perspective, CLT has enabled us to achieve a carbon neutral outcome, meaning we were able to save 166 tons of CO₂ gases entering our atmosphere (the equivalent of powering 20 homes for a full year). 

One of the main advantages of constructing with CLT is ease and speed. We used 3D building information modelling (BIM) to accurately design and prefabricate each individual panel off-site, which included all penetrations. The panels were then transported to the site and craned and installed into the required positions using innovative structural band beams. 

Hutchies is proud to be a part of this groundbreaking project. We are excited to see how CLT technology continues to grow and reach more projects and sectors, offering a range of benefits including efficiency and sustainability. 


2023 MBA Wide Bay Burnett Project of the Year

2023 MBA Wide Bay Burnett Community Service Facilities

2023 AIB Queensland Commercial Construction $2 million to $25 million - High Commendation 

2023 AIB Queensland Sustainability - High Commendation

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