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John Koumoukelis


DTA Architects

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Greenview Consulting

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Hutchies was delighted to partner with Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta to deliver this cutting edge new Performance Hub at St Agnes Catholic High School.

The building adds a purpose built performance studio and dance hall, as well as extra learning hubs, breakout spaces and a state-of-the-art recording studio. 

Outside is a range of unique outdoor learning spaces, a basketball court, a BBQ area, and landscaping. On level 1, the basketball court has been built on a suspended slab above classroom areas, to maximise space on the high school's campus area. Hutchies undertook extensive detailed planning to ensure the structure was watertight and acoustic levels were of the highest standard to safeguard the spaces below.

The project spanned over four semesters of school, requiring Hutchies to take extra special care across safety, coordination, and no interruption to the day to day operations. During construction we planned in advance how students and teachers would move around the site, creating extra paths of travel to maintain access to all of their existing facilities. Our proactive and open approach to communication was paramount to ensure all stakeholders were informed at every step of the way, so the school continued as normal, while Hutchies got on with the construction of this exciting new facility.

During the early tender and design phases, Hutchies undertook a range of value management investigations which resulted in a re-designed foundations proposal, saving our client a significant amount of money during construction.

St Agnes Catholic High School


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