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The Princes Wharf Shed No. 1 renewal project involved the recycling of an existing wharf-side shed building into a multi-purpose function centre on the waterfront of Hobart’s Sullivans Cove port. Though originally constructed in the 1930s as an apple store facility, for many years the existing building was used predominately as an undercover car parking facility, with the added function of housing the annual Taste of Tasmania (TOT) festival. The vision was to transform the shed into a versatile space that would better showcase the TOT festival and open the venue up to a myriad of uses throughout the calendar year.

One of the first and most delicate activities to be performed on site was the safe removal of existing asbestos roof sheeting. This work was efficiently completed without incident over several weeks and involved extensive consultation with many concerned stakeholders. Additionally, effective monitoring and reporting of the immediate and surrounding environments was required during the removal process.

The project was successfully delivered on time and within budget. Since its opening, the building has been host to a number of highly successful functions and events, including the TOT festival and the MONA FOMA concert series. It has been highly praised in the local press by both function providers and the general public for its versatility and exciting architectural treatment.

Princes Wharf 1

Tourist Attraction

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