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We were thrilled to work with Synergy Property Partners and architect Bureau^Proberts on the design and construction of the prestigious North Residences development in North Burleigh. The seven luxury full floor apartments were designed to maximise ocean views with full height glass creating light-filled living spaces which open completely to eastern facing balconies, blending with the surrounding environment.

At Hutchies, we’re great believers that luxury doesn’t have to mean exorbitant expense. We worked with the entire project team to leverage time and cost efficiencies to create residences that represent affordable luxury. The use of precast concrete elements was central to the approach. Precast panels spandrels were erected ahead of pouring the floor slabs by propping directly onto the formwork deck, utilising a customised form bolt with adjustable fixing point. By placing the panels ahead of the slab, it allowed the panels to become the edge board and safety rail. This technique enabled reductions in formwork, labour, materials, and construction timeline, which in turn decreased costs.

Other key structural innovations included:

  • Floor slabs post-tensioned and depths kept very thin and lightweight (150mm at edges). Note the apartment frontage clear span is 10m.
  • Post-tensioning and load staging of the roof slab to accommodate thin and long span cantilevers (7m cantilever)
  • Tying the basement slab into the retention wall so it is one fully watertight raft slab without any opening joints
  • Concrete columns designed to allow cast-in downpipes
  • The shoring wall was designed without anchors into the neighbouring properties by using internal struts and controlled excavation

The site is just 506m² — comprising a developable area reduced by an access easement of 98m² — which posed challenging not only for the design, but for execution. The building footprint has a zero boundary on all four sides at ground level, presenting a range of logistical challenges for programming, sequencing, storage, loading and materials handling. The risk of the impact of overhead powerlines on the street was particularly problematic. We worked with subbies, suppliers and the broader project team to make sure the entire project schedule was meticulously planned to ensure the challenges of the site size did not impact cost or timing.

Seamlessly combining timber, stone, limestone and mirror finishes throughout, the apartments are filled with the high end features that you would expect of a development of this quality. The floor to ceiling glass was a major design feature, used to incorporate the spectacular beachfront views. The eastern balconies are accessed through a five panel system that stacks into a concealed cavity to create a seamless connection between inside and outside.


2019 AIA QLD State Awards Commendation for Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing (Bureau^proberts)

2019 AIA Awards Gold Coast Regional Commendation for Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing (Bureau^proberts)

North Residences

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