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When faced with the monumental task of rebuilding after a disaster, you want to work with someone you can trust — and someone who cares about getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible. Based on core values of honour and integrity, Hutchinson Builders has built a business grounded in long term relationships — and a whole lot of heart. 

One stop shop

Hutchies has experience in all types of emergency events and losses including damage caused by storms, floods, fires, cyclones and hail. Our clients trust us with their family homes, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres and more. As a full-service construction company, we can provide you complete end-to-end building repair solutions to quickly and safely protect your assets.  

When you call Hutchies for help, we'll assign you to a local dedicated team who will guide you through the insurance repairs process on the ground from start to finish. They can quickly and safely secure your property to prevent further loss, coordinate any relevant assessments and reports for insurance claims, undertake cleanup and demolition works and organise temporary modular solutions if required. We can then undertake design, engineering, planning and approvals for the rectification or rebuilding works necessary to get you back on your feet.

Proven capability

We have the balance sheet, employee numbers, and a national footprint that make us look like a big builder, but we’ve never lost sight of our belief that construction is fundamentally about people. Our regional offices are filled with local employees, and we work with local suppliers, subbies and contractors on projects around Australia.

Quality workmanship

Hutchies is known for delivering high quality construction outcomes. As Australia's largest family-owned builder, we have built an excellent reputation for ensuring all works are carried out to the highest standards. 

National reach

When disaster strikes, Hutchies hubs around the nation have resources on hand to mobilise anywhere to undertake reconstruction works. With the backing of a big builder and the agility of a much smaller operator, Hutchies gives you the best of both worlds.

Fast access

With a single point of contact, and expertise across a range of teams diverse in skills and capability as well as geography, Hutchies is nimble, smart and strong. 

We're here when you need us.

#What we do

Emergency Assistance



Hutchies is on call when disaster strikes. We can assist in temporary protections to buildings to prevent further damage, and help with the cleanup.

Damage Scoping



We provide professional expert advice when assessing damage and providing the necessary reports and paperwork. We also work with insurance companies and loss adjusters, taking pressure off you.

Temporary Accommodation



When you need to keep operating or need urgent accommodation, Hutchies' dedicated modular division has locations across Australia that can provide fast pre-fabricated building solutions to quickly get you back on your feet.

Insurance Repairs



As experienced builders, Hutchies provides a full-service end-to-end design and construction capability to assist in all aspects of repairs to your building. From simple rectifications, right through to tailored complex solutions to get the job done right.

Defect Rectification



Buildings don't last forever, unfortunately. Sometimes they need some care to keep them in the safety shape possible. Hutchies can provide expert rectification to all aspects of defects in new build or ageing projects, including coordination of major structural repairs, facade replacements, leaks and more.




Hutchies' experience building in all types of harsh environments provides us unequalled knowledge in ensuring buildings are built to stay safe and sound. From careful material selection through to innovative construction techniques, we can help you get your building in good shape.



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