Safety is intrinsic to our operating model and we make it the responsibility of all company members, subcontractors and anyone involved with the operation of the organisation. Safety forms the foundation of all our key project execution plans. Our ISO 45001 accredited system is compliant with the most rigorous of client requirements – including those necessitated in the government and resource sectors. Within this framework, we foster an approach of responding to the specific conditions at hand, rather than imposing blanket, ‘one-size-fits-all’ prescriptive controls. 

Hutchies stays on top of current issues impacting health and safety across the industry. We regularly run safety campaigns and empower everyone from site managers through to apprentices to call out unsafe behaviour and take action to prevent incidents. In the unfortunate circumstance that an incident occurs, Hutchies has the support systems in place to ensure the best possible recovery. With comprehensive return to work and EAP programs, we make sure injured workers have a positive stay at or prompt return to work.


3.80 LTIFR

Lost time injury frequency rate per one million hours worked


Hours worked

2022/23 Statistics


We appreciate the effects that building and construction can have on the natural environment, which is why we’re committed to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner. At a minimum, all of our operations are in accordance with ISO 14001 certification and we seek to exceed these requirements.

We work with our clients to integrate environmental protection practices early in the project planning stage. This ensures that measures to avoid and minimise pollution and protect local flora and fauna from immediate and ongoing impact are built into the project design and work schedule. From early risk assessments, we tailor a comprehensive environmental management plan for each project to identify and provide risk minimisation and management solutions for expected environmental impacts arising from construction. 


With over 100 years of pursuing quality craftsmanship, exceptional quality management is simply part of ‘the Hutchies way’. We pride ourselves on a QA and defect management system that simply works. We’ve developed a grass roots Quality Handbook that addresses the key items of every build and represents our minimum standard. 

The Handbook demonstrates prescribed techniques for achieving excellent quality, including technical construction details and quality checklists. This format of QA provides the foundations for minimising defects at practical completion. The quality checklists are an integral part to the design, trade award, pre-start, construction monitoring and completion of the project.

Our Quality Handbook is like our construction ‘Bible’. It is integrated as part of our daily work practices, making it a living, breathing method by which we do business, driving continuous improvement of cost and operational efficiencies. The Handbook is an industry-leading resource and forms the basis of every Hutchies Quality Management Plan (QMP). 

When unexpected defects pop up — as they do from time to time — Hutchies is known for our post-contract service. We always stick around to make sure everything works as it should – even beyond the contracted defects liability period. 

Hutchies maintains an AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Assurance system which ensures we deliver consistent results that are fit for purpose and in line with expectations — every time. 


Hutchies’ project delivery systems work hand in hand with superior well-supported digital tools to provide detailed planning, tracking, forecasting and reporting. They facilitate proactive monitoring and control to ensure potential problems can be identified early and corrective action taken when necessary. 

From the latest modelling techniques to tried and true programming and document control systems, our suite of delivery tools combines proprietary in-house systems with the best technology packages to ensure a secure, consistent, and proven methodology. Even the best tools are only as good as the people using them, and we work on the basis that exceptional project delivery is founded on teamwork, ownership, respect and genuine collaboration.