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The design and construct contract for the iconic ‘wedding cake’ shaped building situated between Ann and Turbot Streets in Brisbane was negotiated on the basis of Hutchies’ reputation for transparency and a non-adversarial approach, together with our performance on the fitout of BDO offices in the Blue Tower building in Creek Street. These works bring outdated building technologies into the line with some of the most advanced in the industry. They incorporate all NABERS, Green Star and energy efficiency measures required of a PCA A Grade office building. Due to its shape and location, the project presented a number of unique challenges that our team enjoyed solving. 

The site straddles the main QR train lines into Central Station, posing a range of complexities around the design of structural work to be completed as part of the refurbishment. Extensive interface with Queensland Rail and a number of comprehensive design workshops and consultation with multiple specialty engineering groups, was required to resolve the design for the structural bored piers that support the new building works and the tower crane base.

Early design development through to full resolution of shop drawings has been essential to achieve the constrained timeframes set for this project, and throughout the process, our building services contractors have proposed solutions that, while diverging from the original design brief, have offered cost savings, better construction outcomes and client flexibility for the long term management of the building. The design is unusual in that it incorporates the addition of structural steel to an existing concrete framed high rise building. Bringing the new structure together with the old has created circumstances that have required the team to be quite agile in terms of execution. Hutchies worked closely with all stakeholders to proactively resolve issues in the course of regular meetings and workshops.

There were no ‘by the book’ solutions for this unique and dynamic project. Hutchies’ nimbleness, lateral problem-solving, open approach and dogged adherence to cost and time commitments were able to deliver a successful outcome.

In mid-2018 Hutchies delivered the fitout for the Queensland Government's Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) across 6 levels of the building.


2018 AIB Professional Excellence in Building Awards Queensland Commercial Construction $25M-$100M (High Commendation)

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Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) Fitout

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310 Ann Street


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