The Hutchies’ Truth is our fun and somewhat irreverent quarterly newsletter that keeps our network up to date with what’s been happening in the Hutchies family, both inside and outside of the workplace. Complete with business news; project updates; hatches, matches, and dispatches; the infamous Hutchies’ Travelling Undies; and various social shenanigans, The Truth is never low on entertainment. It originally started as an internal staff newsletter, created in the risqué style of the old ‘Melbourne Truth’ tabloid. While The Truth is now broadly distributed to over 20,000+ Hutchies staff, clients, contractors and partners, it still retains its distinctive cheekiness that we’re known for.









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Scratchies have changed!

Scratchies have long been a big part of Hutchies' Truth, with many people looking forward to receiving their hard copy to see if they have won. 

As Hutchies practices sustainability across various components of our business, in 2020 we decided to further reduce our environmental footprint by moving The Truth to a predominately online platform, which in turn saw the end of our hard copy scratchies production.

However, in their place, we have an exciting new digital lottery system where you can win the same great prizes! Check your number against the winning ones below.

Wait, how do I get a lucky number?

You must be subscribed to our digital send out of the Hutchies' Truth. We email every subscriber their individual lucky number so if you recently got an email, be sure to check. 

Otherwise, subscribe below and make sure you check your email for your lucky number when the next edition of The Truth comes out!

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If your number matches a prize, check out the gallery below to see what you have won and then fill out the form to claim your prize.

Lottery Number Prize Lottery Number Prize
123485Honey 136908Honey
Undies 137255Undies
124194Cap 137439Umbrella
124238Boxers 137526Boxers
124445Bar Blade 137621Bar Blade
124527Towel 137672Towel
124620Picnic Backpack 137878Picnic Backpack
124657Hutchies' Puzzle 138020
Hutchies' Puzzle
124776Camping Mug 138149
Camping Mug
124829Hutchies' Trackies 138438Hutchies' Trackies
125011Monopoly 138942Monopoly
125415Rugby Ball 138993SY Boardies
125775Cap 139473Cap
126285Undies 139773Undies
126476Bar Blade 140265Bar Blade
127084Boxers 140290Boxers
127093Hutchies' Puzzle 140489Hutchies' Puzzle
127366Diffuser 140629Diffuser
127641AFL Ball 140669SY Boardies
127896Hutchies' Trackies 140753Hoodie
128239Camping Mug 140989Camping Mug
128559Towel 141141Towel
128671Soccer Ball 141213SY Boardies
128707Undies 141343Undies
129361Boxers 141349Boxers
130169Hutchies' Puzzle 141661Hutchies' Puzzle
130278Backpack 141802Towel
130402Bar Blade 141942Bar Blade
131419Hutchies' Trackies 142409Hoodie
131427Towel 142985Cap
131429Camping Mug 143779Camping Mug
131720SY Boardies 144430Soccer Ball
131768Hutchies' Trackies 144967Hoodie
132589Honey 145258Honey
132758Boxers 145525Boxers
132842SY Boardies 146072AFL Ball
133012Towel 146095Towel
133013Undies 146109Undies
133073Hutchies' Puzzle 146339Hutchies' Puzzle
133298Bar Blade 147036Bar Blade
133686Bronze Shovel 147423Umbrella
133954Camping Mug 147468Camping Mug
134344Hutchies' Trackies 147573Hutchies' Trackies
134413Boxers 147659Boxers
134707Undies 147788Undies
135433Rugby Ball 147882SY Boardies
135517Hutchies' Puzzle 147910Hutchies' Puzzle
135586Towel 148268Towel
1360621L Sunscreen 148279Backpack
136883Bar Blade 148289Monopoly

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