Together, Hutchies and Wagners have achieved the incredible milestone of the world’s largest continuous slab pour.

On 19 February 2021, Hutchies in conjunction with Earth Friendly Concrete® (EFC) by Wagners, Creteco.QLD, Concrete Partners and Kat Concrete Pumping achieved a milestone with the world’s largest continuous slab pour using a ZERO-cement technology. The pour, commenced at 3:00am with 11 trucks delivering 46 loads of EFC and lasted 10 hours.

Together we placed 310 cubic metres, forming the foundation of the slab for the new Wellcamp Regional Distribution & Trade Centre cold room. The facility's expansion will play a critical role in the storage of agricultural products, ready for export through the Wellcamp Airport and as such will be a large driver of Toowoomba’s economy. The additions comprise four state-of-the-art large cold rooms, a temperature-controlled storeroom, a general storeroom and an external storage area, which will all service premium goods including beef, dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, pork and packaged nuts.

Hutchies is a large advocate of the work Wagners is doing in the environmental space and align heavily with their goals. Through utilising EFC on the project, we saved an estimated 75.6 tonnes of carbon emission in the slab’s construction.

Earth Friendly Concrete® by Wagners is a new generation building material designed to reduce embodied carbon in our built environment. It achieves this by eliminating the need for ordinary Portland cement, which accounts for a whopping 8% of man-made carbon emissions. While other concrete suppliers attempt to reduce the embodied carbon of their mix by reducing the level of cement content, Wagners is leading the way to eliminate cement from its mix entirely. The result is a product with equal or better performance characteristics to ordinary concrete with over 70% reduced embodied carbon.

[EFC] is strong, it is durable, it is good for the environment and it can be used to build structures. The slab is in, it’s structural and it has achieved its purpose. It’s coming up a lot stronger and denser than ordinary concrete.

Russell Gillam, Hutchies Site Manager